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10-1-11 Added Cedar Spring hike.

8-23-11 - Eliminated front page extensions. Removed hiking map.

8-14-11 Added Mount Francis hike.

8-7-11 Added Sierra Prieta hike.

7-30-11 Added Mack's Crossing hike.

7-10-11 Added several North Rim Grand Canyon hikes: Cape FinalCape RoyalCliff SpringKen PatrickWidforss trailUncle Jim trail, and Rainbow Rim trail #10.

6-19-11 Updated Box canyon (Christopher Creek) technical section.

5-31-11 Added Land of the Pioneers trail #329 hike.

5-18-11 Added more pictures to Westfork hike.

5-8-11 Added more pictures and a map to the Havasupai hike.

4-30-11 Added Goldwater Lake trail #396.

4-3-11 Added Brin's Mesa hike and updated Soldiers Pass trail.

3-22-11 Added White Rock Loop hike to the Other Hikes page.

3-5-11 Added Alta-Bajada Loop hike in South Mountain.

2-17-11 Updated Daisy Mountain hike.

2-5-11 Added Sunrise Mountain (Peoria) hike.

1-15-11 Added Javelina Mine hike.

12-28-10 Added Jacobs Crosscut Trail hike.

11-23-10 Added pictures and map to Piestewa Peak (Squaw Peak).

9-19-10 Added Timber Mesa Trail and Telephone Ridge trail hikes.

9-6-10 Added Mount Lemmon and Wilderness of rock hikes.

8-22-10 Added Ice cave trail and Blue Ridge trail hikes.

7-25-10 Added Indian Springs hike.

7-18-10 Added Bear Canyon hike.

7-4-10 Added Mingus Mountain Loop hike.

5-31-10 Updated Aravaipa Canyon hike with pictures and map.

5-15-10 Added Jackass creekCathedral wash, and White house ruin hikes.

5-9-10 Added Red Creek hike.

5-2-10 Added Sterling Pass and Vultee Arch hikes.

4-17-10 Added Coon Creek ruins hike.

4-11-10 Added Apache Trail Canyon hike.

2-28-10 Added Quartz Trail hike.

2-21-10 Added Reavis Falls hike.

2-14-10 Added Pueblo la Plata (Silver creek) ruins.

12-26-09 Added Thompson Peak Trail hike.

12-6-09 Updated Tom's Thumb hike to reflect temporary trailhead.

11-27-09 Added Superstition Ridgeline hike.

11-23-09 Added Daisy Mountain hike.

11-15-09 Added Carney Springs hike.

10-18-09 Added Thicket spring mine (squaw flat).

10-11-09 Added Napali Coast Trail (Kalalau Trail) to the Other Hikes page.

9-7-09 Added Canyon point rim view trail.

8-24-09 Added Rim trail and Spencer trail.

8-15-09 Added Drew Trail hike.

8-8-09 Added Mount Washburn and Black Canyon of the Yellowstone hikes to theOther Hikes page.

7-26-09 Added New Hance trail.

7-12-09 Added Houston Brothers Trail #171.

6-21-09 Added Secret Mountain trail.

5-25-09 Added Thompson Trail #639West Fork Black River, and Escudilla Mountainhikes.

5-10-09 Added Gaddes Spring Trail #110.

5-3-09 Added Red Butte hike.

4-26-09 Updated The Jug, added map and elevation change.

4-19-09 Added Go John trail hike.

4-4-09 Updated Picacho peak hike.

3-29-09 Added EJ Peak hike.

3-21-09 Added Wilson Canyon and Steamboat Rock hikes.

3-8-09 Added Long Canyon hike.

3-1-09 Added Weavers Needle summit.

2-23-09 Added Red Mountain, updated Horseshoe Mesa.

1-31-09 Updated South Kaibab and Bright Angel trails. Added Ribbon Falls.

1-22-09 Added Mount Takao to the other hikes page.

1-10-09 Added Garfias Wash hike.

12-31-08 Added Millsite Canyon hike.

12-29-08 Added Stoney Mountain hike.

12-27-08 Added new sort buttons to main Arizona hiking page.

12-20-08 Added Rock Knob Hill loop hike.

12-14-08 Added Madera Peak hike.

11-30-08 Updated Camelback mt and Pinnacle peak hikes.

11-15-08 Added Pueblo Canyon hike.

10-28-08 Added Tanner trail and Unkar overlook hikes.

10-18-08 Added Pine Mountain hike.

9-24-08 Added Hyde Mountain hike.

9-12-08 Added Juniper Spring #2 hike.

8-30-08 Added Maverick Mountain hike.

8-24-08 Added Mount Fuji to the Other Hikes page.

8-11-08 Added Quandary Peak to the Other Hikes page.

8-2-08 Added map, elevation profile, and more pictures to Humphries hike.

6-23-08 Added Costal Trail hike - Caines Head, Alaska.

6-6-08 Added Paria river from white house trailhead to lees ferry.

5-25-08 Added Tom's Thumb hike.

5-14-08 Updated Flat Iron hike to reflect correct name for North peak.

5-9-08 Updated and added pictures to Wire Pass-Buckskin Gulch hike.

4-23-08 Added Antelope Canyon - Lower hike and Rainbow Bridge hike.

4-11-08 Added Sunrise Peak hike.

4-5-08 Added Bell Pass trail (accessed from Scottsdale side).

3-30-08 Added pictures and map to Pine Creek Loop hike. Added Ballantine Creekhike.

3-15-08 updated directions for hierogliphics canyon.

3-9-08 Added Peter's cave.

3-8-08 Added Kiwanis-Ranger loop hike (South Mountain).

2-23-08 Updated First water - Boulder Canyon hike.

2-10-08 Added Salt River Canyon Overlook from Peak 3042 hike.

1-1-08 Added Cooper Forks Canyon hike.

12-24-07 Added the hike to the grave to the San Tan Regional Park hiking page.

12-15-07 Added map for Peralta canyon hike.

11-25-07 Added Fall CanyonWhitmore TrailMile 220 Canyon.

11-22-07 Added National CanyonMohawk Canyon, and Fern Glen Canyon.

11-21-07 Added Tuckup canyon and Matkatamiba canyon.

11-20-07 Added Deer Creek hike.

11-11-07 Added Elves Chasm.

11-9-07 Added Phantom Creek hike.

11-4-07 Added Cherum Peak hike. Added Little ColoradoClear Creek, and Unkarhikes.

10-28-07 Added Saddle Canyon and North Canyon hikes.

9-30-07 Added Cornucopia-Thicket Spring Loop hike.

9-15-07 Added Sunset trail.

9-2-07 Updated Box canyon.

8-12-07 Added Dry Lake Hills and Sycamore Rim Loop hikes.

7-28-07 Added Oldham Trail Loop hike.

7-1-07 Added West Spruce Mountain - East hike.

6-24-07 Added AB Young hike.

6-20-07 Added upper west clear creek hike.

6-9-07 Added Secret Canyon hike.

6-8-07 Added Featured Hikes page based on the flash animation pictures on the main page.

6-3-07 Added Pine Lakes trail #316 and Thumb Butte #33 trails.

5-28-07 Added Bear Mountain - Blue Ranges hike. New Flash index page.

5-19-07 Added Telephone Trail to Thomas Point Trail loop hike.

5-12-07 Added Icehouse Canyon Trail.

5-5-07 Added Sycamore Canyon.

4-21-07 Added Limestone Spring Loop.

3-25-07 Added Dripping Springs in the Grand Canyon.

3-17-07 Added Groom Creek Loop.

3-10-07 Added Jacks Canyon hike.

2-25-07 Added North Loop hike in the McDowell Mountain Park.

1-14-07 Added Bluff Spring Loop hike.

1-7-06 Added Shaw Butte Loop Hike.

12-30-06 Added A Loop hike to San Tan Mountain Regional Park. Updated Flat Ironhike.

12-26-06 Added San Tan Mountain Regional Park.

11-26-06 Added Butcher Jones Trail #463. Added Pine Creek Loop #280.

11-5-06 Added pictures to Elden and Inner Basin. Added Heart Trail and Elden - Heart Loop hike.

10-22-06 Added Dixie Mine trail.

10-18-06 Added Lookout Mountain pictures.

10-14-06 Added Lookout Mountain trails.

10-6-06 Added Freedom Trail at Piestewa Peak.

10-4-06 Added Powers Garden hike via the Tortilla trail.

9-9-06 Added our aborted hike of Lower Tonto Creek Narrows.

9-5-06 Added some new pictures to Havasupai hike. Added Angels Landing, Weeping Rock, Emerald Pools. Added to the bibliography. Added pictures to the Walnut Canyon hike.

8-27-06 Added Oak Trail #16 and Walnut Trail #251.

8-20-06 Added Military Sinkhole Trail #179.

8-5-06 Added Grapevine Trail hike.

6-11-06 Added Mount Baldy hike.

5-29-06 Added Lakeview trail and Kachina trail.

5-1-06 Added South Canyon trail in the Grand Canyon.

2-11-06 Added Casner Canyon Trail in Sedona.

1-29-06 Updated Hidden Valley hike.

1-7-06 Added Mesquite Canyon - Willow Canyon loop hike in the White Tanks Mountain park.

12-27-05 Added Palo Verde Trail near Bartlett Reservoir.

12-17-05 Added Table Top Mountain hike.

11-26-05 Added Gunsight Pass and Sperry Chalet hike in Glacier National Park.

11-25-05 Added Pass Mountain hike.

10-28-05 Added Hermitage Point hike.

10-4-05 Updated Basketball

9-11-05 Added Elephant Back MountainStorm PointAvalanche PeakShoshone Lakehikes.

9-10-05 Added Other hikes not in Arizona. Added Mt. ScottVirgin River Narrows,Sand Point LoopTerrace MountainFairy fallsMystic falls. Added anotherBibliography page for other hiking books outside Arizona.

9-8-05 Updated Basketball

8-6-05  Added Horse Crossing at East Clear Creek hike.

7-23-05  Updated Basketball

7-6-05  Updated Basketball

6-25-05 Added Gordon Creek trail.

6-19-05 Added Willow Springs Lake Trail and Canyon Point Sinkhole trails.

6-14-05 Updated Basketball

6-5-05 Added Pine Canyon Trail.

6-2-05 Updated Basketball schedule for Summer 2005 season.

5-15-05 Added Mormon Mountain and Crystal Point Trails.

4-17-05 Added Christopher Creek (See Canyon) trail.

4-10-05 Added Barnhart Trail hike in Mazatzal wilderness.

4-9-05 Added Elephant Mountain hike in Spur Cross.

3-28-05 Updated Basketball standings

3-26-05 Added 4 hikes in Petrified Forest. Tawa pointBlue MesaCrystal Forest, andAgate house/Long Logs.

3-20-05 Added Massacre grounds hike.

3-12-05  Added Pipeline Canyon Trail hike.

2-13-05  Added Treasure Loop Trail hike.

2-12-05 Added Hidden Valley hike.

10-25-04 Updated Basketball schedule for Winter 2005 season.

12-26-04 Added Marion Spring hike.

11-26-04 Added Hermit Creek to Hermit Campground hike (with hike to Hermit rapid.

11-6-04 Added Woodchute Trail hike.

10-30-04 Added Granite Mountain hike.

10-26-04 Fixed the map again.

10-25-04 Updated Basketball scores

10-24-04  Fixed the map.

10-23-04  Added Quartz Peak hike.

10-10-04  Added Vulture Peak hike.

10-4-04 Added Hermit Trail and Davenport Hill trails. Rearanged hikes for separate region for Grand Canyon and Marble Canyon hikes.

9-25-04 Updated Basketball scores

9-13-04 Updated Basketball scores

8-29-04 Updated Bibliography. Added Dorsey Spring and Kelsey Spring hikes. Ditched the hit counter.

7-31-04 Added more recommended hikes.

7-25-04 Updated Basketball scores

7-9-04 Added East Clear Creek hike.

7-8-04 Updated Basketball scores

7-1-04  Fixed links and errors on index page

6-28-04 Updated Basketball scores

5-30-04  Added Bear Jaw and Abineau Trails hikeChanged organization of main hiking list page.

5-16-04  Added Headwaters-West Clear Creek hike. Transferred to new domain Heavily modified navigation structure. Reset hit counter.

5-7-04  Added Poland Creek hike.

5-2-04  Added Woods Canyon hike.

4-18-04 Added Bear MountainFay Arch, and Fisher Point hikes. Updated Basketballscores

4-2-04 Added Lost Goldmine and Hieroglyphics Canyon trails.

3-26-04 Updated Basketball scores and added Fossil Springs hike.

3-8-04 Updated Basketball scores.

3-6-04 Added Dripping Springs hike and added a Superstition Wilderness heading to hiking page.

3-1-04  Updated Basketball scores

2-7-04 Updated Basketball scores and Camelback hike [Cholla Trail]

1-4-04   Added LaBarge Canyon and Devils Chasm hikes.

12-30-03 Added Ben Avery Trail hike.

12-27-03 Added Haunted Canyon hike. Updated Basketball for Spring season

12-20-03 Added Mountain Spring hike.

11-30-03 Added Parson Spring hike.

11-22-03 Added Lower Fish Creek hike.

11-10-03 Updated Basketball scores.

11-2-03 Updated Basketball scores.

10-20-03 Updated Basketball scores and information on Horton Springs hike.

10-17-03  Updated incorrect links.

10-13-03  Updated Basketball scores.

9-19-03 Updated Basketball schedule. Added Six Shooter Trail hike.

8-8-03 Added Kendrick Mt Hike and updated pic for Wet Beaver Creek.

7-20-03 Added Wet Beaver Creek Hike and updated Basketball. Updated hiking page.

7-14-03 Updated Basketball.

7-7-03  Updated Basketball.

5-24-03 Added Rider Canyon Hike. Updated Basketball. Added picture to Salome Creek.

5-10-03 Added Salome Creek Hike.

4-13-03 Added Picketpost Mountain hike.

4-5-03  Added Wasson Peak hike.

3-10-03  Updated Spring Basketball standings.

2-27-03  Updated Spring Basketball standings and added Peralta to First WaterSuperstitions hike.

2-1-03   Updated Peralta canyon. Added Spring Basketball schedule.

1-25-03 Added Cave Creek Hike. Wondering what hike to take? See therecommendations of the AZ Weekend Warrior Hikers.

1-5-03  Added picture to Rogers Trough hike. Added Revis Ranch hike.

12-31-02  Added Four Peaks Hike. Updated info on Spring Basketball league.

11-24-02  Removed Biking stuff from web page. I'll concentrate on hiking. UpdatedBasketball Standings.

11-18-02  Updated Basketball Standings.

10-28-02  Updated Basketball Standings.

10-22-02  Updated Basketball Standings.

10-9-02  Added Boyton Canyon hike.

10-8-02  Updated Basketball Standings.

9-20-02  Updated Basketball Standings. Added Yeager Canyon hike.

9-11-02  Updated Basketball Standings with Fall Schedule.

8-31-02  Added Chiricahua - Heart of Rocks hike.

8-25-02  Fall Basketball league info. Added Willow Valley hike.

7-15-02  Updated Basketball Standings.

7-12-02  Updated Basketball Standings.

6-17-02  Updated Basketball Standings. Added Rogers Trough hike.

6-10-02  Updated Basketball Standings.

6-3-02   Updated Basketball Standings.

6-1-02   Added West Clear Creek and Blodgett Basin hikes.

5-29-02  Updated basketball standings.

5-28-02  Added Map of all AZ hikes with links.

5-27-02  Added Cockscomb hike.

5-22-02  Added Schedule for summer league.

5-18-02  Added to hikers page. Added picture to Upper Fish Creek.
5-17-02  Added e-mail to index page for comments and feedback.

5-1-02   Updated Basketball standings... Summer league!

4-28-02  Added Pinnacle Peak hike.

4-22-02  Updated Basketball standings.

4-18-02  Updated Basketball standings.

3-18-02  Updated Basketball standings.

3-9-02   Added pictures to White CanyonPicacho PeakSquaw Peak, and Wind cavehikes. Added Hiker page. Added second hike to First Water Trailhead.

3-2-02   Added White Canyon hike.

2-18-02   Updated Basketball standings. Fixed bad links on Basketball pictures page.

2-11-02   Updated Basketball standings.

2-9-02     Added Picacho peak hike.

2-3-02     Added pictures to HardingParia, and Solder Pass hikes.

2-2-02     Updated Spring 2002 basketball schedule.

1-26-02   Added Wind Cave hike.

1-20-02   Added Squaw Peak hike.

1-13-02   Added Paria Canyon and Mount Eldon hikes.

1-5-02     Simplified rating system. Added Havasupai and First Water hikes.

1-1-02     Added more pictures as well as Cibecue creekbox canyon, and North Kaibab information. The web counter appears to be working too!

12-30-01     Added content on Wilson Mt. NorthBear CreekSnoopy Rock, andThunder River. Uploaded this site to temporary web page.

12-26-01     Added content on Soap CreekFlat IronCookstoveSoldier Pass, andUpper Antelope Canyon. Added basketball team pictures.

12-25-01     Started work on the new web site!